Canadian Social Science Faculty Survey

Appendix A: Introductory Letter

Dear Dr.:

Re: Social Science Faculty Survey

On behalf of the Department of Justice Canada, it is my pleasure to invite you and your faculty to take part in our Social Science Faculty Survey. Although we carry out much of our research in-house, we also engage the services of the research community at large for special short-term and long-term research projects. We are finding that the range of issues that we must deal with in terms of justice-related policy and legislation is requiring an increasingly diverse pool of expertise. For example, at this time, in-house research projects are underway in the areas of family violence, restorative justice, youth justice, and cross-border crime, to name a few. The purpose of this survey is to develop an inventory of experts in a wide variety of fields from which we can draw for social science research in support of the activities and programs of the Department.

At this time in the survey process, we are compiling a complete list of faculty members in order to ensure comprehensive coverage for the survey. We have reviewed web sites of departments for faculty names. For departments where this information is available on the web, we are enclosing a copy of this list and request your help in updating it, if necessary. For those departments for which a list is not available, we would appreciate if you could provide us with a list of names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of your faculty members. You are welcome to mail, fax or e-mail the faculty list to us at:

Street address:

Department of Justice Canada
Research and Statistics Division
284 Wellington Street, East Memorial Building, 6th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8
Fax: (613) 941-1845

I thank you for your help in this and I look forward to our working in collaboration.

Yours Sincerely,

Janice Charette
Senior Assistant Deputy Minister
Policy Sector


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