Travel and Hospitality Expense Reports

Basran, J.S. (Bill) - Regional Director General, British Columbia Region

Travel Expenses - September 2, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Date(s) Purpose Cost
09-16 to 09-19 Meetings: Advisory Committee on Visible Minorities; Visible Minority Committee Champion and Chairs; Assistant Deputy Attorneys General, Litigation, Public Safety, Defence & Immigration and Business & Regulatory and Deputy Assistant Deputy Minister; Associate Deputy Minister; Executive Committee; Director, Centre for Ethics Conflict Management & Wellness. $2,058.97
10-21 to 10-25 Meetings: Executive Committee Extended Meeting; Associate Deputy Minister; Leadership Development Program. $2,184.18
*Total: $4,243.15
Hospitality Expenses - September 2, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Date(s) Description of Event Cost
No hospitality expenses during the reporting period.

*Total includes all applicable taxes

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